*Reduce Interest Rates

Most banks and finance companies will help us lower your debt and repair your credit. We have to have permission to use your information to contact these companies to reduce your interest rates and repair your debt and credit.

*Lower Your Payments

Debt Management Plans may lower over-all monthly payment. DMP minimum payment requirements are at the sole discretion of the credit grantor. Let us handle all of this for you.

*Stop Collection Calls

Once an account is approved for debt management plan, collections calls usually slow or stop entirely. Creditors may still call a consumer enrolled in a DMP.

 *Late & over-limit fees

Stop once accounts are approved by creditor grantor into the debt management plan( DMP).  Creditors will NOT “retro-actively” remove fees. Fees will continue to be assessed  until the account is approved by the credit grantor in DMP. Creditors will charge late &  over-limit fees ( if applicable) during the DMP “set up” period if accounts are delinquent or over credit limit .  Minimum  payments must be maintained during DMP set up period to avoid late fees and over-limit fees.   All benefits of the DMP  program are extended directly by the credit grantor.

Benefit from our program while we use your information to repair your debt and credit history, use your personal information to use the Government First Time Buyers Home Purchase Assistance Program. Help with Corporate and personal credit debt.

Once you have enrolled in our program we will work diligently to repair your credit and debt, and Government First Time Buyers Home Purchase Assistance Program. You can cancel your enrollment at anytime and your monthly fees will stop coming out of your account the following month, but we will not refund your money for your enrollment in our program. We work hard to benefit you and will not refund you for your yearly subscription, after your enrollment ends we will not charge you for our services any longer.